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This blog post is about a platform called Papayaglobal that is a global payroll platform trusted across 160+ countries and all types of employment. The platform is simple, easy to use, and has a lot of features that are unique to the platform, such as job boards. Papayaglobal has been proven to help businesses be more successful and in turn has helped tens of thousands of people around the world be more successful, too.

The global payroll platform you've been looking for. When you have an international workforce and global customers, you need a global payroll platform. smart. simple. Built for the most important workforce—yours. Your employees are all over the world. Our platform syncs all of their information, whether they're payroll employees.

Innovative solutions built around you.
Customized to fit your exact needs, our SaaS payroll solutions create a powerful connection linking third-party data from APIs and file integrations to your current solutions and partners. Set payroll cycles, permissions, approval chains and language preferences—all while meeting your company's commitments and in-country requirements.

Welcome to the smartest global payroll solution on the planet. Automated, accurate, advanced. One single stream of payroll data for all worker types, worldwide.


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