MONSTER OF EDEN EP1 is a puzzle game where our protagonist wanders through the night city to reach a mystery box. 
It goes like this..In a silent night..
A young woman walks out of the house down a dark and lonely path...
She is heading to a small convenience store not far from her home...
Along the road, she hears a strange sound coming from a narrow alley. She musters up the courage and walks towards the source of the sound. Slowly, she is approaching the end of the alley...
There she sees an old cardboard box lying under the sparkling moonlight. 
She reaches her hand forward to try to touch the mystery box.


You have received a Monster from hell. We hope you take a good care of them, although they look like ordinary pets .. at first.

These cute pets are on the theme of Monster of Eden NFT collection! You will have a chance to own these extraordinary cute pets in the form of NFT for only 0.0666 ETH per one random draw.

The owner could gain numerous benefits, such as being selected to paticipate in various activities (Whitelist), receiving free items from the staff (Airdrop), or being able to play our games before anyone else does. The great power will be in your hand.

Acquire Your Unique Box now!