The amazing new smart cross-chain yield aggregator was created for yield farmers by yield farmers


March 19th, 2022: Crypto Guru, Chanon Yaklai, has created a new software application that is currently being touted as the most profitable coin farming system in the world.


The new KillSwitch app is a smart cross-chain yield aggregator that lets users easily unstake and withdraw liquidity positions, sell their high-risk coins instantly in one click, and also limit their losses or set profit targets without monitoring.


The founder and creator of the new software that comes with long-awaited features, revealed that he first got the inspiration for the app while he was in the shower after taking a major loss due to a rapid reduction in coin price value.


Chanon Yaklai says he got tired of constantly wishing for a system through which he could simply click to recover stable coins, and as such, set out to create one by himself.


Built for yield farmers by yield farmers, the new software provides an impressive list of features and functionalities which players in the industry have long been dreaming about.


Audited by reputable cybersecurity service providers such as Inspex and CERTIK Security Leaderboard, the new software will allow users to earn up to 475.23% APY in Farmand possesses a Total Value Lock (TVL) of $5,089,118.71 across all LPs.


The software's impressive features include an auto compound that automatically converts all the farmed tokens to add into users' positions every 24 hours, a deposit mixture feature created to allow users to pick any coin or token on the whitelist, as well as a boost feature that allows users to enjoy higher rewards from partner farms so yield farmers can get higher returns compared to the initial pool.


Other features include a withdraw mixture, take profit/stop-loss feature, and a moving mixture that lets users move LP from one pool to another pool in KillSwitch with zero withdrawal fees.


Chanon has also indicated that the new software will continue to be one of the most cost-effective yield aggregators, charging only a 3% performance fee, and a 0.2% withdrawal fee that will be reduced to 0.05% for holders with up to 10,000 ksw.


Anyone looking for more information regarding the app functionalities can reach out to KillSwitch via the contact info below.




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