A major idea for a crypto faucet should be promotion. When you entice users to come to your website, you can attract them to perform some tasks. These tasks could be a promotional thread on twitter for example. This thread can talk about the various network sentiments that the users are experiencing at that moment, and how they are reacting to the market. Or, if your project is very specific to a protocol or if it caters to a particular problem (that is, it solves a particular problem) then you can simply ask your users to talk about that problem and how they are affected about it. For instance, oracle attacks on blockchains are quite common. Oracles usually get compromised very easily. This is because they are not as decentralized as a decentralized ledger actually is. This is what makes it tough for us to rely on oracles. So, you could perhaps start a treasure hunt for your users.

In this, you could leave some clues hidden on your website that lead them to some particular resources that talk expressly about the problems of oracles. Then, once users have read about that – you can entice them create Twitter threads (say, 6 threads each) where they simply talk about what oracles are, how they are so centralized, and the fact that they are unable to solve any major problem that the users are facing – especially the problem of decentralization. You could ask the users to mention your project on Twitter and tag you. You could also ask them to create some unique GIFs or memes around the problems of oracles and then share them on the social media channels.

This is just one idea that you can use to attract various users to your platform and attract them to your project. This is quite simple and straightforward. And you might be wondering that the process of setting up these crypto faucets is quite tough. Well, let us tell you that it isn’t. In fact, it is quite easy to set up these faucets online – especially if you have a basic idea of how they work. Regardless, you can use our platform to set up crypto faucets very easily.