Today, January 1, a new single was released by British musician zHustlers. His album following same name composition, Break the Wall, is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms now. 

zHustlers comes from the UK and is a reggae artist who has been making music since he was 15 years old. The musician has many idols - he is mainly inspired by reggae artist – the Prophet – Bob Marley. At the moment, his biggest sources of inspiration are UB40 and Alpha Blondie. 

The musician is young, but has already managed to release a respectable discography. His first project came out on April 11, 2017, when he released his debut album "Satya Project" with same year following next album “The Lift Off”. In addition to these two albums, his discography includes two albums containing the whole wisdom of Patanjali Yoga Sutras following more albums containing Sufi wisdom, Kabala verses and deep knowledge extractions from Vedic scriptures. 

zHustlers has an interesting biography. He was born in Latvia but grew up in England. But during the pandemic he lives and creates music in Bulgaria, a country in Europe. It was there that he began his professional music career when he began recording his first songs in his own studio – Black Sea Records. It must be said that the pandemic helped him find more time to create new compositions. 

The new talent has already managed to collaborate with musicians such as Fatima Ezzahra, SHA-256 and Shankara Music. The musician has a bright future and very soon, we will definitely have new compositions from this artist. Let's keep our fingers crossed for him, support him and hope that he will achieve everything he intended. He already has a large audience to do so, so now everything is in his own hands. 

We offer to listen to the musician zHustlers latest song "Break the wall". We also invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles - this will allow you to support the musician, as well as make it easier and faster to find out about his progress in music, life and upcoming releases. Instead of a reference, we've added a link that will take you to Young Fay's Instagram profile. Safe - go and follow his profile. He will greatly appreciate it!