Prepaid phonecards, for use in public telephones, are available from newspaper kiosks and some shops in denominations ranging from 5 lv to 25 lv. Cards for domestic or international calls can be used in public phone booths and some also accept credit cards. But what happens when you dip your phone into the Black Sea or it just stopped working or maybe you crashed it by accident?

There is a professional repair shop located close to Sunny Beach - in the new town of Nessebar. M Skaj is the trusted mobile phone repair service for all mainstream smartphone devices. Our technicians undergo extensive training and examinations to becoming iSmash qualified for mobile phone repairs on all Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Oppo, HTC, OnePlus & other handsets and devices.

Visitors from elsewhere in Europe will be able to use their mobile phones in Bulgaria. Local SIM cards are easy to buy in mobile phone stores (bring your passport) and can be used in most phones.
Our repairs can include glass screen and LCD replacement, water damage diagnosis, headphone jack replacements, fixing your phone's home button, battery upgrades, camera replacements, rear housing and bodywork repair, audio issues, wifi and signal connectivity problems and many more.

There are three major mobile phone operators in Bulgaria – Vivacom, Telenor and Mtel. The services and prices they provide are comparable. Within each provider prices per minute vary – you have to choose a mobile plan and decide what you want included in it and then see how much they will charge you. Generally speaking the longer the contract – the lower the price, the higher your monthly fee is – the lower prices per minute are. Also you can receive different amount of free minutes to spend talking and MB to spend surfing (we will talk about the internet in another blog but we now have 4G connection in Bulgaria) again depending on the monthly plan you select. These operators also have additional services like providing TV and landlines so combining them with you mobile plan means you will get even further discounts.

We have also a range of accessories that will cover all of your devices needs including cases, screen protectors, chargers, cables, docks and much more. 

Visit: M Skaj EOOD, Nessebar, ul "Otec Paisij" 1
Or call us: 0877572111