When you find yourself in Nessebar - a good spot where to get your traditional Bulgarian mornings banitsa with a coffee is right in the midst of a new towns heart of a city of Nessebar. Just recently amidst the Covid-19 doors opened new and pleasant bakery where you can get all sorts of mornings pastries with coffee or local drink - ayran.

Banitsa (Bulgarian: баница, also transliterated as banica and banitza) is a Bulgarian traditional pastry dish, prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs, natural yogurt and pieces of white brined cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven.

Come here, sit and enjoy freshly baked banitsas with cold and hot drinks - perfect place for family and friends, business meetings or just to gather your mind together by a cup of a hot coffee.

Visit us:
Nessebar, down the stairs bank DSK