Yesterday I had a chat with my friend from Latvia who asked me when will I finish this trip. And I become thoughtful. Yes. I'm done. I've seen everything I wanted to see and so much more that it would be a nice time to end it here and now.

So I'm thinking about going home. I waked up early in the morning, packed my stuff and left for a bus going North from Bangkok to Ayutthaya where the ancient Thai civilization has built a lots of temples. I guess that is my last destination in Thailand for this time. But it is definitely the place where I want to return.

Ayutthaya impressed me. The temples and stupas where amazing. And they are found all around the city. Big and small old and older.

In the afternoon I went to take a train to the North of Thailand to enter Laos, but because of rain recently the part of the territory is flooded and I had to make a little changes in my plan entering Laos. The good thing is that anyway - you can get a visa on almost every border so my changes where even better for me.

I'm entering Laos. And yes: I'm going home. Today are the three month since I'm travelling and it is enough for me till now. I am tired, really.:)