For a last few days I was thinking about "ascetical" expedition as it is stated in my website. There is written that I will avoid paid transportation and hotels. But recently I was staying in a quite expensive hotels in Goa and now in here. Also I've used airplanes a little bit recently. So how to explain that?!:)

Here is a point that when I reached a Goa - i wrote that my "ascetic expedition" is over. Now I'm just a traveler. But still - even if it is not so extreme as it was in the beginning - the ascetic now means to continue everyday travelling with it's duties. I have the same bills to pay as anyone - food, water, transportation, phone, shelter; only I'm getting a cash for it on my way - which makes it more difficult - that's why I feel still continuing my "ascetic expedition" even if I allowed my self to have a great time for the last few weeks.

Secondly - I'm doing some duties: travelling is not easy, especially when it's so continuous. Also I need to write something everyday. And to write about something - I need to see something...:)

So I stayed home today all day and as the only costumer felt as a king in a castle because of servants who where very kind to everything I was asking for while I was making a website.

I made some changes to my own website. Mainly - took of the big "ascetic" from the front page. So you can write me some reviews about it...:)