Samara. There is a problem with wi-fi travelling like this. I'm already driving more towards unknown part of so massive Russian country. Current position is about 1000 km from Moscow and I'm heading towards Cheljabinsk.

I'm still with the driver I met couple of days ago while hitchhiking from Kiev to Moscow and who showed me the Russians warm heart, welcomed me with vodka and Russian beauties, who gave me a roof for one night, shower, nice company and food. But for me the most important thing during this trip is to cross the Russia in 20 days as my visa expires on 20th of August and today is already 25th July.

Ural mountains. See you, Europe, good morning Asia! Serpentine of mountains covered with pines, lot of small rivers with weird names. One o'clock in a night. Tiredness makes us search for a place to stay for a night. High in a sky except the light coming from the full moon, on the east side brightly shines the planet of wisdom - Jupiter. The air is so fresh that I can feel it's sparkles even through the closed windows of the car.

Somewhere in Northern part of the Ural mountains where gravity law is working in opposite direction - when you drive up the mountain the car goes easier up than it's coming down and when you drive downwards you really need to push on a gas pedal.

We decided to go as far as we can to escape tomorrow's mountain movement of heavy loaded lorry and trucks who have stopped all among the snaky mountain road.

Feels really cool to cross the Europe and Asia border by hitchhiking! The worrying part is my "diary's" battery life and absence of internet. I've already forgotten and dropped out of my mind to have a possibility of Wi-Fi access when we finally would have a stop for a short break in Ural mountains around 2 am; I quickly made a fire - Probably the quickest fire in my life - straight away when steped out of the car took some wood, walked ten meters ahead, carefully placed them in scouts style and in half minute the flames where almost until my belly. We had a quick noodle soups with a water boiled in Russian army soldiers cattle.

After we continued driving and on our way up by the serpentine, just about hour later the second time our car broke down. The car just stop driving and we had to drive of the road. It was a midnight and finally Denis found out that the gas pedal has broken down. Well - for cars made in Russia it is usually and Denis easily fixed the car in 5 minutes using his knife and screwdriver. :)
The Sunrise is already making dark blue sky turn into a light purple and ... Denis has been sitting by the steering wheel already 22 hours and we are high in a mountains with a car who is breaking down each 1500 km and it's driver each time fixed any problem even without turning of the engine. Any comets?

Wonderland ....

As the average speed is about 70-80 km/h the road goes slowly and we have a plenty of time to talk. We talk about religion, God, knowledge and history. How Russia was built, how mankind survives through all changes and listening to such a Russian modern classic as singer Coi, Krutoi, Viagra and Nautilus Pampilus.

We are now getting closer to the river Volga witch for Russians is as sacred as for Hindus Ganga and will definitely take a break to swim in there.

My new friends are heading towards Kazahstan as Denis has born there, but his friend accompanies him because both of them got the vacation since Friday.

So so far God has been mercy-full to me and has helped me to eat, drink, sleep and move towards China by gallops. Just with Denis I'v been driving now already about 2000 km. It helps me a lot.

Yesterday, before leaving Kaluga, based 180 km from Moscow, we went to the local churches and placed some candles for the health of our beloved ones, parents and for the fortunate trip. I was only 60 km from Pustinskovo Monastery where I planed to take some photos and videos of morning prayers, but as I was vodking all previous night decided to do it maybe on my way back - probably I will fly from Australia back to Russia to finish things I needed to do - still have left some monasteries to visit. But I'm not planning anything ahead so let's see by situation.

The truth still stays the same - I was not preparing for this trip at all except taking my passport to different embassies to get a visas and creation of this website which I did while was on high from my regular Brussels - Amsterdam bong trips and 3 gr. smuggle to stay on high longer.

We plan to be in Chelyabinsk by tomorrow - so from there the new challenge will turn it's face to me as I'm gonna br on my own again. In the third part of this amazing country covered by forests, lakes, rivers, steps and deserts where I will be in about a week in the region of Amur.

There is 10 rubles in my pocket left which is less than one euro. And the deeper we go the less trees are around. We are getting closer to step. It's the hottest summer in Russia and there is crisis situation in 23 regions - all corn and wheat is dying out because of there has not rained more than two months.
Everybody I've met strongly believes in God, walks to the churches, gives donations a d prayers in there. But everybody drinks vodka the same time. It is amazingly how such a things can find a harmony in daily Russian life and create such a great nation. Amazing. I can't stop wondering about it.