I I waked up around ten because of some neighbor who played drums since the very morning. I'm sick and I slept under two covers and inside a sleeping bag.:)

After waked up - went till Summer and we both went to the monastery up a hill to give to the monk photos he and we took yesterday about his monastery.

We spent more than two hours in his temple and afterwards moved more up the mountain to one another temple just about hour walk up a hill.

The temple was very poor as it is so high up the mountain than very rare who goes up there. But they gave to us everything they have even cookies offered to Buddha so we can have his energy.

They gave a beads to Summer and told to chant Om Mani Padme Hum mantra all time at least once a day as it removes all sins.


On my way back I went to the office where finally my permits are ready. Still I cannot hitchhike even if one of the permits I got is military. So my boss tried to manage for me a car and if everything works out good I can finally leave Lhasa on Friday.

However I'm leaving. I got the permits but still the transport is to expensive for me so I bought a bicycle for 600 yuan and will go with it. I have about 700 km to go till Nepal border in 5 days. Will do my best. Also today I went to the princess in the shop I gave flowers few days ago. She was there with here mother and here sister, real beauty, too!:) It seemed like they are twins!:) soooo beautiful!:) i will have to write her a letter in Chinese.:) kind of "love letter"...:) maybe tomorrow...:)