Become Zigi regional representative

Build a successful and stable source of income without investment by explaining people benefits of ZigiCoin.

  • Instant payouts to partners
  • Transparent and useful statistics
  • Rebate service for your clients in ZigiCoin
  • Advertising and analytical materials
  • Personal manager

How to become a successful partner?

Expert Advisers Seller
Attract clients through your website, providing them with automated trading systems from ZigiTrade

Create your own analytical portal providing clients with market reviews, forecasts and signals from ZigiFlo

Rebate Service
Return a part of the partner commission to your clients at ZigiHash

Monetize your communication on forums, blogs and social networks by advertising your affiliate link from 

Tell everyone about the benefits of working with ZigiCoin

Convert traffic from your websites into revenue using ZigiLink

Expert Advisers Seller
Attract clients through your website, providing them with automated trading systems from ZigiTrade

ZigiCoin Official Bounty

Any payment industry needs customers, as well as our project demands your collaboration. We are happy to present our community bounty program that will go on from 1st of August 2018 until 31st January 2019. Let’s share the news and make the revolution in mutual fund industry together!

We need community support, so we’re launching this bounty campaign for everyone who wants to join and help us revolutionise the crypto mutual fund industry.

Joining our official Telegram is a must for all participants in Zigi bounty campaign.

To get your reward, reports with proof-links of your work have to be sent to within every Sunday. Reward sheet will be uploaded to this thread within every Tuesday.
The bounty campaign ends on 31st January 2019. You will receive your tokens two weeks after the end of ICO, based on the stakes and/or tokens you’ve earned.

ZigiCoin Crypto Affiliate System

A highly secure, high+ performance hybrid architecture supported by an independent audit

Facebook Requirements
Follow and like the official ZigiCoin Facebook page: 100 ZIGI

One-time Reward
Participant must like and share ZigiCoin Facebook page with hashtag #ZigiCoinCoin: 100 ZIGI

One-time Reward
Like our Post: 10 ZIGI

Comment (must be positive and meaningful more than 10 words): 10 ZIGI

There is no limit of comment bounty till you are explaining or clearing doubts of other. This means you can make 100s of comment on single post if you are clearing doubts of other visitors and you will get bounty for 100s of comments

Like and share every post published by ZigiCoin coin using hashtag #ZigiCoinCoin: 2000 ZIGI

Will be calculated at the end of the ICO. Participant profile must be public. Send reports with links to your activity to every week

Use our given logo picture as your cover picture: 500 ZIGI

Picture must be your cover picture till the end of the ICO. We will change cover picture every 15 days. You need to update the cover every 15 days.

5-star Review about Zigi 100 words Review: 500 ZIGI

Picture must be your cover picture till the end of the ICO

Youtube Requirements

Make A YouTube Video/Review About Zigi 3 Minutes Long
15k subscribers and more: 3200 ZIGI
7k — 15k subscribers: 2100 ZIGI
1k — 7k characters: 1350 ZIGI

Use of Google Translate and online translators
Articles on private resources or behind paywalls
Multiple accounts registrations
Spam, abuse and insults (You will be banned permanently)
Your Facebook account must have at 600 real friends

Terms and conditions

If reposts and shares are made without hashtags — you will not receive rewards
You have to send your reports to to get rewards
Articles/video must be freely accessible
Article/video must reflect information about Zigi products